Some Choice Pebbles in the Ocean of the Internet (Links)

As many of you know, it is all the rage, it is à la mode – it is the very apex of enlightened criticism! – to point out the many and myriad ways in which beloved authors of the past were so profoundly morally inferior to our scholars today. C.S. Lewis has hardly escaped this trend unscathed, and has been plagued with accusations of sexism for quite some time. In Lewis the Sexist? over at Radix Magazine, Monika Hilder of Trinity Western University sets the record straight in what I found to be a very enjoyable and edifying interview.

Over at First Things, Peter Leithart reflects on the particular vocation of being a grandfather.

Over at Agape Review, a new online literary journal that publishes Christian-themed creative work, I stumbled across this lovely little poem by Jeffrey Essmann that connects the Exodus to my typical morning experience:

and have those mornings dull of soul

when squinting as I might,

I lack all inner light

and can’t make out the manna for the chaff.

from Sand, by Jeffrey Essmann.

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