A Life Prayer for My Son

Heavenly Father, perfect Father, I pray for my unborn son. My deepest prayer is that you would give him a new heart and a spiritual birth that he may come to know you and love you. I pray that he would learn the gospel and never stop learning it.

I pray that from his earliest days you would put in his heart an insatiable thirst for the eternal. I pray that you would stamp eternity deeply in his heart, so that he might never be satisfied with the things of this world, but always know and feel that he is made for something – Someone – so much greater.

Jesus, would you capture his heart, his soul, his entire being? Be his greatest treasure. Make of him a passionate worshipper and abandoned follower of you.

Spirit: know him, draw him, unveil his eyes, regenerate him, fill him, seal him, lead him, teach him, walk with him, and bear much fruit in him.

Father I pray that you would give him the heart of a lion, and the spirit of a lamb; courage, boldness, passion, and zeal, with tenderness, gentleness, love and humility.

I pray that he would come to love, cherish, and serve the women in his life. Prepare for him a godly wife who will be well-suited for him and who will relentlessly point him to you and spur him on to know you more.

I pray that you would protect him from the evil one.

And I pray that you would give me the grace to accept your will in how and when you will answer these prayers; and much grace to shape him in these ways through my influence.

Lord Jesus, he is yours completely and yet he is ours as well – may you be pleased to use our fumbling efforts as parents to shape a young man after your own heart, for your fame and glory.

Amen and amen – may it be.

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